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Welcome! The Earthen Vessel has been serving Greater Cincinnati for over 30 years with quality pottery supplies and equipment.

We encourage you to browse the entire site, as we have hundreds of items for sale. If you don't see what you were looking for, phone/fax us at 513-561-4142 or email us at webmaster@our site! "If we don't have it, we can get it." Remember, we are completely committed to serving our loyal customers and will make every attempt to match competitors' discounts! Our family is committed to maintaining our love of pottery.

The Earthen Vessel carries clay from Standard and Laguna!
We also carry a full line of clay tools, bats, sponges, and tiles. We also have our own kiln repair service and fire pottery for our customers for low cost!

We are a distributor of Sherry's Western Ceramic Glazes and Laguna Glazes!

These glaze companies are among the leaders in the industry. They provide the highest quality glazes while certifying that all glazes are free of both lead and cadmium compounds.

We are a distributor of Skutt Kilns.
We also sell Dawson, Paragon and L and L kilns. We also stock Orton Cones and kiln shelves in our shop.We also service every kiln type manufactured through our kiln service! Call or email us for details!
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